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School Policies

Dress Code


We strongly believe that boys should look like young men and girls should look like young ladies. For that reason we require that our students wear uniforms and conform to a biblical standard in appearance.




Boys are allowed to wear Kakis or dress pants to school. The dress pants may be navy blue, black, or khaki. Baggy pants will not be allowed. A belt must be worn at all times.

Shirts must be the polo or golf type pullovers with collars. They have to be one solid color with out any design or emblem. They can be any color.

The uniform for Wednesday consists of navy blue dress slacks and a white, oxford dress shirt and tie.

Sweat shirts or big baggy shirts may not be worn in class. Sweat shirts may be worn outside when it is cold. Button up or vested pullover sweaters or zippered jackets can be worn in class. Shirts are not to be worn as sweaters over another shirt.

During P.E., boys in the 4th-12th grades may wear jeans or wind pants and a solid T-shirt.

Low top tennis shoes may be worn, but a pair of dress shoes will be needed for music competition later in the year. Boots are fine unless they are combat boots.

Boys must keep their hair cut above the collar, off the ears and out of the eyes. No spiked hair, chili bowl cuts, tinted or colored hair or other modern fashions. Hair needs to be combed.

Boys are not permitted to wear necklaces or earrings. Any other piercings are also not allowed. Tattoos are not permitted.



Kindergarten through 3rd grade girls may wear a jumper that consists of a pleated skirt from the waist down and a bib. All other grades must wear a skirt and blouse each day. These skirts and jumpers can be navy blue, black, brown or khaki. The best place we have found to buy these is at Levines in the Town Center Mall at I-35 and Seminary Dr. Make sure they are long enough.

The blouses must be the two or three button pullover polo or golf type shirts. These are the loose fitting type and not the form fitting kind. They must be one solid color with no emblems or designs on the shirt. Any color is fine as long as it is a solid color.

The skirts must be pleated or gathered around the waist. Straight skirts are not allowed and neither are slits. There should be enough fullness at the knee to run in it and enough fullness around the hip so that it doesn''t fit or conform to the bottom. If the skirt has buttons or snaps up the front or side, it needs to sewed below the bottom button or snap. Sheer material of any kind is not acceptable. The skirts and jumpers must extend at least 2 inches below the knee when sitting and standing. If there is any doubt, bring the skirt by the office and get it approved.

On Wednesday, the girls must wear a navy blue jumper or skirt (depending on grade) and a white Oxford-type button up blouse.

School approved culottes are needed for the older girls in PE. These must look like a skirt in front and back. Care should be taken to make sure that the PE shirt is either a loose fitting blouse or a solid, loose fitting T-shirt.

Socks or hose must be worn every day. Tennis shoes are acceptable as long as they do not have high tops. A pair of nice dress shoes will be needed when we go to music competition. Flip flops in any variation are not acceptable.

During the winter, button up or vested pull-over sweaters or zippered jackets can be worn in class. Sweat shirts are only accepted during PE.

Good grooming is very important. Modern or outlandish hair styles are not acceptable. This includes hair coloring. Earrings may be worn but they must be in the earlobe with a maximum of two in each ear. NO other piercings are allowed. Tattoos are not allowed.

If there are any questions about our dress code policy, please ask.